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As an increasing number of people are choosing to use the internet to gather information, research products and services and find providers both local and global, it has never been so important for your business to have a strong online presence.

Most companies are represented online by their website. Whilst some businesses know that their website is a strong marketing tool that is effective at attracting potential customers, others remain unconvinced that their website is doing anything to promote their goods or services. Tools such as Google Analytics can enable you to gather actual data on the effectiveness of your website, but if you don’t feel that your website is a valuable investment, it could be time for a re-think.

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A strong web design does a lot more than look good and list the products and services you offer. At Urban Media, we talk about key ingredients. These are features that make it easier for visitors to your website to engage with what you do, gain an understanding of whether you have the solution to their needs and take the steps to engage with you.

In order to be an effective business tool in today’s society, your web design needs to be mobile responsive. This means that your website visitors can easily see your content no matter whether they are accessing the internet via a PC, mobile phone, tablet or other portable device. The percentage of people searching the web from mobile devices is growing at a fast pace, so ignoring this technology is likely to see your company missing out on a lot of potential business.

Whilst the priority for your web design is to effectively communicate your business to your ideal customer, the need for it to also be optimised for the search engines can’t be ignored. You can have the most stunning design, but if the search engines don’t rate and rank it, then it simply isn’t going to be found. Urban Media will evaluate optimisation on all website builds and will recommend an on-going search engine optimisation (SEO) monthly package that is suitable for your business. If you are investing in a new web design, you want it to be seen far further afield than by the High Wycombe customers you direct to it.

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To create a strong online presence, you need an established company which focuses on generating returns to work on your web design. High Wycombe based Urban Media have been serving local and national businesses since 1997 and we can help you too. For Internet Marketing and Design in High Wycombe, contact us today!

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